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The ArcTeryx Backpack For Serious Outdoor Adventurers

Mar 18 2022 Published by dayat under Uncategorized

Do you consider yourself an avid outdoors-man or woman? Are you seriously picky about your gear? If you can’t imagine life without your backpack then ArcTeryx is one brand that you’ll want to learn more about. The ArcTeryx backpack is not for the casual weekend hiker that only wants to stroll through the woods. This pack can take you from sea level to twenty thousand feet if that’s where you want to go. I’ll tell you why.

They are their own manufacturers of their gear. This means that they have full control over everything that they make. So, products are designed and made by the same company. You can imagine this gives them a bit of an edge when it comes to quality control.

When choosing a pack from ArcTeryx, there are several things to consider. First off, what are you using the backpack for? Single or multi day trips, high mountain climbing or coastal hiking would all be more comfortable with a specific pack. Load size, pack amenities and durability are considerations as well. Most of us will require a couple of different backpacks to cover all of our outdoor activities.

The ArcTeryx Arrakis gets spectacular reviews from owners due to its ability to transition from an alpine backpack to a ski touring trip. It was originally designed as a touring pack for winter activities and has additional stowing capabilities for things like ice axes, poles and skis. The pack is also waterproof as long as it doesn’t get submersed in water. This pack comes in a 40L, 50L or 65L to accommodate the needs of most mountaineers.

The ArcTeryx backpacks also come in woman specific models, which is an added benefit since we are not built the same. Why should we give up comfort by wearing a pack designed for a guy? The ArcTeryx Briza 62 formerly the Bora, is one such pack that gets many accolades from the women that have trekked with it.

If you’ve done any research on backpacks, you probably have already heard the name, ArcTeryx and if you haven’t, it’s worth checking out. Whether you’re traveling to Nepal or Tibet, hiking the Rocky Mountains or anything in between, the ArcTeryx backpack can provide a perfect place for your necessities and other supplies and do it in comfort.

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