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Backpacks for Back to School

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Get Your Logo in Front of Customers with a Backpack

When you hear the word backpack, innovation and attention-getting may not be the first traits that come to your mind. But, it is time to give the backpack a little more credit. In the promotional world, a backpack is an effective item to put your logo on for high visibility. Backpacks have always been an essential back-to-school product, but their use goes far beyond the classroom. From the corporate traveler to the extreme hiker to the gym frequenter, the multi-functionality of a backpack makes it the perfect item for almost any promotion.

Consider putting your logo on a backpack and use it for your next giveaway. It is a great alternative to the tote, t-shirt, or other promotional item. Backpacks are durable, can be found at multiple price points, are great for both men and women, and have a variety of functions. There is sure to be a backpack that will accentuate your message and resonate with your target audience.

A Backpack for Any Audience

When making your backpack buying decisions, think of your audience first. Make sure to choose a style that your recipient will relate to. Some styles include:

•Traditional Backpacks. Simple designs with color pop and budget-friendly details make the traditional backpack a favorite for mass corporate giveaways. Think of it as an alternative to the tradeshow tote, or fold it flat and use it for your next direct mail promotion.

•Sport Packs. When you are looking for a product to appeal to an active audience, the sport pack is the way to go. Padded shoulder straps, multiple pockets for water bottles and gear, and suspension systems are often seen in sport packs, as these are for those who are really on the move. Retail brands are also important when looking for a sport pack. Quality and durability is key with this audience, and associating your brand with a recognizable retail brand will continue to build your brand image and credibility.

•Cinches. Lightweight and ultra-portable, the cinch is a great option for fitness programs, sports markets, or as a creative way to package a new product or hand out information. The cinch is typically a lower cost item with a high ROI.

•Slings. If you are looking to grab a more fashion-forward market, the sling is the bag for you. They have a more trendy shape than the traditional backpack with one strap, and are typically smaller in size, so they can be used every day.

•Compu-Backpacks. From the young professional to the seasoned executive, a compu-backpack is an everyday staple that goes to and from the office and is seen by multiple eyes a day. It is the perfect choice for recruiting, orientation, or as a gift with purchase for any tech-related product or service.

Recent Trends

As with all retail products, fashion and social trends are important in helping to evolve the design and function of backpacks. Show your customers or employees that you are forward thinking by searching for backpacks with trendy features. Below are the top three backpack trends this year.

•Electronics Compatibility and Protection – As the use of iPods, iPads and SmartPhones increases, the number of backpacks that have compatible features also increases. Headphone ports, padded compartments specifically designed to protect these items, and integrated quick-access pockets are just a few of the new features you will see that will excite any techy audience.

•TSA-Compliant – Going through security at the airport has just gotten easier. TSA-compliant backpacks allow you to go through security without taking your laptop out of your bag. Simply unzip your bag and lay it flat on the conveyor belt. It is a must for any frequent traveler.

•Eco-Friendly – Backpacks haven’t taken a back seat to the eco movement either. Green materials such as recycled PET, jute and non-woven polypropylene help ensure there are backpacks to appeal to the earth-conscious consumer as well.

If you are still not convinced that the backpack is the right product for your next promotion, re-read this article or get a sample from your promotional products company to touch and feel. Best Promotions has a great variety of backpacks at any price point. View their selection and order a sample today.

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