The ArcTeryx Backpack For Serious Outdoor Adventurers

Do you consider yourself an avid outdoors-man or woman? Are you seriously picky about your gear? If you can’t imagine life without your backpack then ArcTeryx is one brand that you’ll want to learn more about. The ArcTeryx backpack is not for the casual weekend hiker that only wants to stroll through the woods. This pack can take you from sea level to twenty thousand feet if that’s where you want to go. I’ll tell you why.

They are their own manufacturers of their gear. This means that they have full control over everything that they make. So, products are designed and made by the same company. You can imagine this gives them a bit of an edge when it comes to quality control.

When choosing a pack from ArcTeryx, there are several things to consider. First off, what are you using the backpack for? Single or multi day trips, high mountain climbing or coastal hiking would all be more comfortable with a specific pack. Load size, pack amenities and durability are considerations as well. Most of us will require a couple of different backpacks to cover all of our outdoor activities.

The ArcTeryx Arrakis gets spectacular reviews from owners due to its ability to transition from an alpine backpack to a ski touring trip. It was originally designed as a touring pack for winter activities and has additional stowing capabilities for things like ice axes, poles and skis. The pack is also waterproof as long as it doesn’t get submersed in water. This pack comes in a 40L, 50L or 65L to accommodate the needs of most mountaineers.

The ArcTeryx backpacks also come in woman specific models, which is an added benefit since we are not built the same. Why should we give up comfort by wearing a pack designed for a guy? The ArcTeryx Briza 62 formerly the Bora, is one such pack that gets many accolades from the women that have trekked with it.

If you’ve done any research on backpacks, you probably have already heard the name, ArcTeryx and if you haven’t, it’s worth checking out. Whether you’re traveling to Nepal or Tibet, hiking the Rocky Mountains or anything in between, the ArcTeryx backpack can provide a perfect place for your necessities and other supplies and do it in comfort.

Stylish Backpacks For All Seasons

Backpacks are trendy and stylish. More importantly they are convenient. With most companies constantly innovating in these lines, the backpacks are becoming lighter, more compact, of higher quality and cheaper too. One can buy laptop backpacks of the finest quality at good prices and choose from hundreds of options and colors depending on your preferences and the colors you would like to pick. A classic example of a very good backpack is the Manhattan Portage model which is very light, weighing just 1.2 lbs and is made of high quality nylon of Cordura.

The bag which costs around 65 dollars comes with thick interior padding to protect your laptop from jerks and external impact. The shoulder straps are really comfortable to ensure that you don’t feel the weight in spite of stuffing a lot of your goods into the compact bag. The main compartment is spacious and can hold books or other items besides the laptop. There are two zippered sections on the outside of the backpack for other essential items that you want handy.

The Jane Marvel is another model made of coated canvas is colorful and comfortable weighing just 1lb. That doesn’t stop it from holding a 15 inch laptop easily. It has extra pouches for notebooks, chargers and other accessories. If you are tired of shoulder strap backpacks, you can go with the full collaborator 21 inch rolling backpack that costs around 100 dollars and can be rolled on the ground if it gets too heavy. The backpack is all space, with 3 main compartments and two front pockets on the outside, useful for multiple functions.

The bag comes with a pouch that is elastic and durable. The pull handle retracts comfortably when your need and the style quotient is intact with multiple pockets for the cords, organized sectors on the interior, detachable back straps when you don’t need them and a front slip pouch that can be easily accessed. All these feature make these backpacks the one-for-all solution as they can be used for college, travel and trekking.

The Qnkki laptop backpack is weather resistant with its repellent polyester giving sufficient confidence that it can resist water through its high density. The laptop section has a weave micro tricot lining for extra protection. There is extra space inside the bag for almost every accessory that you might probably carry along with you including wallets, pens, chargers, media devices and cables.

The back panel has padding too along with strength to ensure it is comfortable even when stuffed with lot of goods and is easy on your back. There are two zippered pockets in the front too for the bottles of water or any other drinks you prefer, so the inside of the bag will stay dry in all circumstance. The utility backpacks even come with massive inside pockets that can hold magazines and A4 size papers. It weighs 3.2 lbs and is made of polyester. The bad is suitable for bigger laptops of 16 and 17 inches.

Presents For Women – Personalized Handbags

Aside from jewelry, another great choice for a present for a woman is a personalized handbag. Handbags are becoming a women’s best friend, since they often get carried and have always been a good company wherever they may go. Today, there are so many variety of handbags to choose from. So, if you opt to give a personalized purse as a gift, an endless selection awaits you.

A good choice of handbag, as a gift, need not only physically beautiful, but versatile enough to complement your recipient’s outfits as well. This accessory can make or break a look, but if chosen with care, it would surely be a winner!

One of the most trendy ideas today are personalized handbags. These items made with a personal touch come can be anything, from totes; clutches; evening bags; travel bags; cosmetic bags to even diaper bags. Perfect for any “she” recipient, a personalized purse makes a wonderful remembrance of love, friendship, thanks and gratitude. You can have a personalized gift of bag presented during birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduation or even just a simple appreciation day.

Personalized tote bags. You can find these kind of purses widely available in different designs, styles, materials and brands, and some of them are available for personalization. Totes are perfect for working moms, business women and students. What makes them perfect is that they can be from medium to large sizes. Leather tote bags are perhaps the most favorite choice of women. Find a leather tote that is of good quality and with numerous pockets that can accommodate other small baubles of your recipient.

Personalized travel bags are perfect for women on the go. Is she a traveler or always have business trips? If yes, then a personalized luggage can make a fantastic gift for her. Travel bags are often large in size, enough to accommodate multiple necessary belongings while away from home. They usually have compartments and pockets to keep other items separately. Choose a travel bag that can be personalized with your recipient’s embroidered name or initial.

Personalized cosmetic bags. What excellent gift could you give to make her grooming accessories ready to travel other than a personalized cosmetic bag? You can find a wide variety of cosmetic bags available today, plus you can have the chance to have your recipient’s embroidered name or initials be added onto the bag. Cosmetic bags are designed to accommodate grooming items, which are basically the needs of women.

Many local stores carry different handbags. However, many opt to shop online for there is a much wider selection awaits savvy consumers. Also, what makes these online savvy very interested with online shopping is that they can find so many great deals of handbags that they hardly find at local shops. So, if you are on a tight budget, online shopping is a great shopping option for you. Thousands of online specialty stores that specializes on handbags are offering personalized ch

Backpacks for Back to School

Get Your Logo in Front of Customers with a Backpack

When you hear the word backpack, innovation and attention-getting may not be the first traits that come to your mind. But, it is time to give the backpack a little more credit. In the promotional world, a backpack is an effective item to put your logo on for high visibility. Backpacks have always been an essential back-to-school product, but their use goes far beyond the classroom. From the corporate traveler to the extreme hiker to the gym frequenter, the multi-functionality of a backpack makes it the perfect item for almost any promotion.

Consider putting your logo on a backpack and use it for your next giveaway. It is a great alternative to the tote, t-shirt, or other promotional item. Backpacks are durable, can be found at multiple price points, are great for both men and women, and have a variety of functions. There is sure to be a backpack that will accentuate your message and resonate with your target audience.

A Backpack for Any Audience

When making your backpack buying decisions, think of your audience first. Make sure to choose a style that your recipient will relate to. Some styles include:

•Traditional Backpacks. Simple designs with color pop and budget-friendly details make the traditional backpack a favorite for mass corporate giveaways. Think of it as an alternative to the tradeshow tote, or fold it flat and use it for your next direct mail promotion.

•Sport Packs. When you are looking for a product to appeal to an active audience, the sport pack is the way to go. Padded shoulder straps, multiple pockets for water bottles and gear, and suspension systems are often seen in sport packs, as these are for those who are really on the move. Retail brands are also important when looking for a sport pack. Quality and durability is key with this audience, and associating your brand with a recognizable retail brand will continue to build your brand image and credibility.

•Cinches. Lightweight and ultra-portable, the cinch is a great option for fitness programs, sports markets, or as a creative way to package a new product or hand out information. The cinch is typically a lower cost item with a high ROI.

•Slings. If you are looking to grab a more fashion-forward market, the sling is the bag for you. They have a more trendy shape than the traditional backpack with one strap, and are typically smaller in size, so they can be used every day.

•Compu-Backpacks. From the young professional to the seasoned executive, a compu-backpack is an everyday staple that goes to and from the office and is seen by multiple eyes a day. It is the perfect choice for recruiting, orientation, or as a gift with purchase for any tech-related product or service.

Recent Trends

As with all retail products, fashion and social trends are important in helping to evolve the design and function of backpacks. Show your customers or employees that you are forward thinking by searching for backpacks with trendy features. Below are the top three backpack trends this year.

•Electronics Compatibility and Protection – As the use of iPods, iPads and SmartPhones increases, the number of backpacks that have compatible features also increases. Headphone ports, padded compartments specifically designed to protect these items, and integrated quick-access pockets are just a few of the new features you will see that will excite any techy audience.

•TSA-Compliant – Going through security at the airport has just gotten easier. TSA-compliant backpacks allow you to go through security without taking your laptop out of your bag. Simply unzip your bag and lay it flat on the conveyor belt. It is a must for any frequent traveler.

•Eco-Friendly – Backpacks haven’t taken a back seat to the eco movement either. Green materials such as recycled PET, jute and non-woven polypropylene help ensure there are backpacks to appeal to the earth-conscious consumer as well.

If you are still not convinced that the backpack is the right product for your next promotion, re-read this article or get a sample from your promotional products company to touch and feel. Best Promotions has a great variety of backpacks at any price point. View their selection and order a sample today.

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